Urine screening and confirmation - Urine drug testing is the most extensively used drug test. It is the only methodology allowed under DOT and SAMSHA regulations. It can be utilized as a one to ten panel test that screens for various drugs. Confirmation of positive results by GC/MS is optional.

Hair drug testing- A very reliable drug testing technique. Its window of detection spans about 90 days.
Oral fluid drug testing - a convenient drug test because it can be performed anywhere. Restrooms are not necessary. Oral fluid testing has the ability to detect drug usage from 30 minutes to 48 hours depending upon the drug. Used to monitor recent drug usage.

Instant urine drug screening- a five to ten panel drug screening test that provides fast results. They are usually enzyme immunoassay test. Confirmation of positive results by GS/MS optional.

Instant alcohol saliva - provides a rapid method for the semi-quantitative detection of ethyl alcohol in human saliva.

Breath alcohol test - a noninvasive procedure that measures ethyl alcohol concentration in the breath. Breath alcohol test are performed by Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians utilizing portable equipment that allows flexibility in where the procedure is performed. The Alco Sensor IV breath alcohol testing device is approved under DOT regulations.

On site and after hour testing - provides the convenience of on site urine drug testing or collections. Certified Professional Collectors perform employment based collections. Provides rapid and non adulterated results. Additional fee involved for after hour collections and testing.

DNA paternity and immigration testing - Determines paternity with 99.9% accuracy. DNA testing is based on the scientific theory that each person has a biological mother and a biological father. Each individual receives half of their genetic makeup (DNA) from their mother and the other half from their father. Consequently half of each gene in a person matches the mother and the other half matches the father. The DNA test evaluates all the genetic material of each person being tested by examining each gene pair.

  • Background checking
  • Nicotine/Cotinine testing